Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moong Toast

This is another form of the moong ka chila I posted earlier. Hubby D who doesn’t eat the cheela, surprisingly relishes this toast. This preparation is as simple as the cheela…but tastes and feels different, otherwise, how someone who doesn’t eat cheela would eat this…I haved reasoned to myself.
Prepare the batter just as you would prepare for the cheela. I usually make this preparation  if I have a very small quantity of batter left, probably after making cheelas the previous day J. Smear a spoonful on both sides of a bread. Shallow fry on a tawa, with very little oil. Done ! It’s that simple J
For those of you who haven’t yet gone through the moong ka cheela post, here’s how you make the batter.

Green whole moong sprouts     : 1 cupful
Rice soaked overnight (optional) : 2 tbsp
Ginger                                      : ½ inch sq piece
Garlic                                       : 1 fat clove
Green chilly                             : 1 whole
Salt                                           : ¼ tsp or to taste
Sugar (only if you are a bong) : ½ a spoonful or to taste

How to:
Step 1: Make a batter with all the above ingredients in a mixer. If required, add a little water, but the batter should be viscous with non-flowing consistency. I have tried both with and without the rice, and trust me, there is no difference at all in case of the toast, although it does in case of the chila. The rice makes the cheela crispier.
Step 2: heat a non-stick pan with half a spoonful of oil.
Step 3. Take a spoonful of the batter and smear on both sides of the toast. When one side is browned (takes about 2 mins in low flame) flip over and brown the other side too.
Serve with coconut chutney / tomato sauce of your choice. A cup of tea alongside makes a great combo for a rainy evening like today’s.

    Beauty of the dish:
    1. If you always have sprouts in the refrigerator like I do, 8 slices of this can be prepared in 5 minutes flat. Ideal for guest arrivals without prior notice.
    2. Presence of sprouts and very little oil lends it a healthy angle. Substituting white bread with brown/multigrain ones can add to the health quotient.

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