Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mumbai monsoons and the Corn Festival

Come Monsoons and Mumbaikars join a season-long celebration called “The Corn Festival”. Pavements are seized by colourful canopies, Bhutta sellers ready with their coal stoves smoldering and eager patrons surrounding him for their treat of roasted corn on the cob smeared with a mix of rock salt and chilly powder, and a wedge of lemon rubbed  generously. Monsoons in Bombay are colder than winters J so the added interest is to enjoy the warmth of the earthen stove.
Today the dish of my day is corn- chaat. 

Corn Chaat

Sweet corn – boiled with a little salt
Rock salt
Lemon / raw mango
Chilli powder/ roasted & ground jeera and whole red chili (my wonder masala – which I use in many of my dishes, in my jhaal muri, dahi vada, raita and in my chaats)
For garnishing
Raw onions – chopped
Tomato – chopped
Green chilies – chopped
Coriander leaves - chopped
Sev – handful

How to:
Step 1: Strain the boiled corn from the boiling liquid. Mix all the ingredients together. I add both lemon and grated raw mango. I like to have it just like this. But for my S I also follow step 2.

Step 2:  Serve the boiled corn in a plate and garnish it with all the things listed under “For garnishing”

Alt Step 2: You can also serve it on papri’s( small crisp puri’s) and serve it as “Corn Papri Chaat”

 S's portion

 My portion
There are so many reasons to love the rains....the above one is just one of them :)


  1. Jhimly
    Rain makes us crazy some times. Like few days ago it was raining in the evening and I suddenly craved for bhuna bhutta !! Your corn chat looks very temping. Can you pass me that bowl? ;-)
    Regarding your query to make samosas crispy-1) maida ta jokhon makhbe tokhon til ta slight gorom kore niye tar por mekho. this will help in crispy coating.
    2)Do not fry samaosa in piping hot oil. Age tel ta khoob gorom kore tar por slow flame kore bhejo.
    3)serve immediately or you can keep the samosas ready and fry just when your guests arrive.
    I hope this was helpful. Aro kichu holey amake janio

  2. this looks so yummy!!!!
    i will make it for sure!!!

    Happy Blogging!!!!
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