Sunday, June 5, 2011

The first showers of monsoon, a verse and a cup of Chai

Not today.
Some other day.
I will look at the distant rain through my window and write my soliloquy 
I will look at the dancing peacock and write my rain song
I will hear the rain sing and create the rhythm of my soul
I will listen to the rhythm of the rain-drops down my cheeks and feel your tears
Some other day.
I will hum your symphony and cry your tears.

Nothing like being beside your window with a hot cup of “chai” in your favorite china mug with the sky pouring outside. It’s heavenly. What did you say? You stay alone and can’t prepare chai? You need to go out to have chai ?  Tch tch tch. Why dude? Why this handicap? Why remain dependent on someone else for what you can do on your own? And that too chutki mein ?

How to prepare Indian “Chai” (for beginners )

What you will need:
1 pan
1 cup
1 spoon
1 strainer
Milk : ½ cup
Sugar : 1 tsp ( You can also use any low cal sugar substitute in its place)
Tea leaves (CTC): 1 tsp
Water : ½ cup
How to:
Step 1: Mix the milk and the water in the pan and bring the mixture to a boil.
Step 2: Add the sugar and the tea.
Step 3: Let the mixture boil till you like the colour of the brew.
Step4: When the concoction assumes the café-o-le color of your choice, remove from heat.
Now strain it into your favorite mug and enjoy the thrill of independence.

So simple ! Whats the big deal in this ?
Tips: For flavoured tea, you can use flavored tea leaves available readily as chocolate tea, mango tea, orange tea, ginger tea, ilaichi tea, masala tea, etc. Or you can simply add the flavor on your own along with the tea leaves, and stir.
  • For chocolate flavor, add half a spoon of drinking chocolate, or cocoa pdr,.
  • For orange flavor, add fresh or dried orange peel
  • For ginger flavor, add freshly grated or dried ginger.
  • For masala flavor, add Everest tea masala
  • For elaichi flavor, add ground Cardamom, or simply the outer peel, the seeds can be put to use while you cook your lunch.
Run your imagination and go ahead and add any flavor of your choice….enjoy your tea the way YOU want it….it need no longer  be any other way!

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