Thursday, June 23, 2011

Watermelon Orange Rocktail

I had a small wedge of watermelon left in my fridge which S wouldn’t have. After polishing off 90 percent of it, he suddenly decided that the melon was not sweet! The truth is that the summers are over, and its pouring outside – it’s not exactly the season for watermelon any more…its amazing how he knows about season and off-season so naturally, when I have such a tough time teaching him as much as the spelling of season in Geography!
Now the problem in hand was that I had this teeny-weeny wedge of watermelon which was not even enough for a decent glass of watermelon juice, and I had a friend coming over to say Hi.  Since I also had an orange sitting thankfully beside the wedge, an orange watermelon drink is what I could think of, and it turned out surprisingly pleasant !

Watermelon orange Rocktail:

Watermelon pulp : deseeded ( about a cupful)
Orange juice: ½ cup
Sugar: 2 tsp (you can add less, u can also use sugar substitute)
Rock salt: a pinch

How to:
Just blend all the above ingredients and garnish any way you like. Voila !
You can also add a spoon or 2 of vodka to give you a splendid mocktail !


  1. Your cocktail simply rocks! Looks heavenly!

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. Now this is one cool cocktail :D Yummy


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